Barcelona kept their promise with Lewandowski

Barcelona have made good on their promise with Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski and his agent Benny Zahavi during this summer’s transfer market.

Lewandowski has repeatedly expressed his desire to leave Bayern Munich, and reports have claimed that the Polish striker already has an agreement with Barcelona.

According to newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Zahavi told Laporte at the start of Mercato that Barcelona could sign Lewandowski if he provided Bayern Munich with €40m.

She indicated that the figure was higher than Barcelona’s plans for the deal, but Barcelona had already made an offer of around €40 million to Bayern.

She explained that Bayern had been leaked to the media that they would not agree to Lewandowski’s departure for less than 60 million, but there was talk inside the Bavarian’s closed quarters that they would not hold the Polish player against his will.

Bayern Munich officials also internally believe that €40m is a reasonable price given Lewandowski’s age, and that his contract expires next summer.

Mundo Deportivo said Barcelona hoped to complete the deal by July 12 so that Lewandowski would not have to return to Bayern Munich to begin the preparation period.

And not only is Lewandowski waiting to complete his move to the Camp Nou, but Barça coach Javi Hernandez wants the Polish striker ahead of the American tour starting on July 16, and Robert should be the cornerstone of Barcelona’s new project that leads the club to a comeback. on the path of success and victories

Source: “Agency”

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