Barack Obama Warns Joe Biden About Donald Trump’s Strong Position as a Potential US Presidential Candidate

Obama Warns Biden About Trump’s Strong Position


Former US President Barack Obama warned incumbent US President Joe Biden at the end of June about former President Donald Trump’s strong position as a potential candidate for the US presidency.

Obama’s Concerns

Informed sources told The Washington Post that during a dinner with Biden at the White House in June, Obama expressed concern and pointed to some of Trump’s political advantages.

Trump’s Strengths

Obama saw Trump’s strengths in large numbers of loyal supporters and a loyal conservative media system.

He noted that Trump’s tough stance is much stronger than is commonly believed in the Democratic Party.

Obama’s Vow

Obama vowed to do everything in his power to defeat Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

White House Response

The newspaper pointed out that the White House enthusiastically accepted the promise of the former president, since Obama is considered a bright star in the American Democratic Party.


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