Bahrain and Kuwait’s Military Deals Approved by US State Department for the First Time

The US State Department has approved in principle more than $409 million in deals to sell military equipment and repair helicopters to Bahrain and Kuwait.

This was reported by the US Defense and Security Cooperation Agency. statement He approved the possible sale of equipment and the provision of repair services to Bahrain for 24 helicopters in a $350 million deal, noting that the Agency for Security and Defense Cooperation has notified Congress of the deal.

The Bahraini government has requested the upgrade of some multi-role helicopters, the purchase of spare parts for aircraft engines and missile launchers, as well as technical support, training and logistics services.

The agency announced statement Separately, the Government of Kuwait has requested the purchase of CAD/PAD equipment used in military aircraft systems, in addition to technical and logistical support, totaling more than $59 million.

The Foreign Office confirmed that these deals will advance US foreign policy and national security goals by enhancing the security capabilities of a major non-North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) ally in a manner that maintains stability and security in the Middle East.

These deals will also provide the necessary resilience for the two countries to support their needed air defense capabilities in a way that does not change the state of the military balance in the region.

Source: American media

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