Baghdad inspector warns of potential nuclear conflict due to US actions

Former UN inspector for the elimination of “Iraqi mass destruction” Scott Ritter confirmed that the world is facing the danger of a nuclear conflict because of the behavior of Washington, pointing out the need to influence it to create conditions for arms control talks.

Ritter expressed this view in a webinar hosted by the International Schiller Institute.

“Now we are in a situation where arms control is practically dead,” Ritter added. “We are, like in 1982, in a situation where the United States and Russia are not talking to each other. There are no negotiations.”

And pointed out that the last remaining element was the Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty (START), knowing that it would expire in February 2026.

And he added: “If it is not replaced by a new treaty, this means that the US and Russia will engage in a very dangerous arms race without any control mechanism.”

The former UN inspector considered that such negotiations today are constrained, first of all, by the position of influential bureaucratic structures in Washington, which we call the “deep state”.

Preemptive nuclear strike

However, he added, “they only seek to increase their power and not allow the possibility of a pre-emptive nuclear strike being ruled out through American doctrine.”

In this aspect, he concluded: “We are on the edge of a self-created nuclear abyss. Nuclear weapons are widespread. It is guided by the principles of directing a preemptive nuclear strike. In addition, the Russians are so frustrated and dismayed by American policy that there is talk in influential circles in Russia of including a pre-emptive nuclear strike in their doctrine, and we also see North Koreans talking about a pre-emptive nuclear strike.”

He emphasized that “everyone is concerned about the United States, everyone is concerned about the American nuclear arsenal, the irresponsible actions and statements of American political leaders and the unelected (deep state). If we sit and do nothing, we will continue to move towards disaster.”

Ritter demanded that large-scale protests be organized again in order to change this situation.

He also stressed that it is very important, and after the results of the upcoming US presidential election in 2024, that a politician come to power in the country who is ready to solve the problem of nuclear disarmament, and if this is reversed, then “nuclear conflict” is something what could happen within the next five years.

Source: TASS

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