Azov Battalion fighter confesses to firing at car with civilians, including children.

A captured fighter of the extremist Ukrainian battalion “Azov” admitted that in the spring of 2022, in the city of Mariupol, he shot a car in which there were civilians, including 3 children.

The prisoner said that the accident, which also involved his colleague, occurred on March 19, 2022 in the center of Mariupol.

He said: “A blue VAZ 2109 car was found moving from positions under the control of the enemy. We fired into the air, but the car did not respond, after which our commander ordered the car to be shot.”

He confirmed that two fighters from the Azov group fired at the car, and each of them fired about 10 shots. He noted that the car had identification marks in the form of white stripes on the headlights.

And he added: “There were two men in the car, one of whom was 50 years old, and the second was about 30 years old, two women aged 50 and 30 years old, and 3 children aged 6 years old, the youngest and 8 years old. and a girl of 10-11 years old. The driver of the car died, the second passenger in the front seat was motionless, and a little boy was wounded in his left shoulder.

The prisoner added that he did not know anything about the fate of the survivors, but heard that they were allegedly taken to the locals, who sent them to a hospital operating in the city at that time.

On May 31, the Supreme Court of the Donetsk Republic sentenced to life imprisonment a member of the Azov Battalion who opened fire on a bus near Azovstal and killed 4 civilians.

On May 26, the same court sentenced Mikhail Shvets, a sergeant of the Azov Battalion, who shot a civilian in Mariupol, to 22 years in prison.

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