Azerbaijan warned of possible retaliation by Iran

Iran vowed to take diplomatic countermeasures in response to the “abrupt, emotional and unconstructive” actions of the Azerbaijani government.

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that we consider the actions of the government of the Republic of Azerbaijan against Iranian teachers and diplomats in Baku “contrary to the principles of good neighborliness.”

Kanaani added that Iran, “with its emphasis on respecting the principles and foundations of the Neighborhood Policy and its focus on the evil aims of the Zionist entity in creating divisions and tensions between Islamic countries, has counter-diplomatic measures on its agenda. .”

The spokesman urged the Azerbaijani government to “work on the principle of mutual respect and move towards good neighborliness and move away from what the Zionists and the enemies of the region want.”

Source: Iranian News Agency (IRNA).

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