"Axios"Israel seeks to step up international pressure on Iran "For Russia’s help"

Axios said Israel has provided intelligence to its embassies in dozens of Western countries and senior NATO officials about Iranian arms shipments to Russia.

The site quoted Israeli officials as saying they hoped to “use the current focus on Iranian aid to the Russian military effort in Ukraine as a means of increasing international pressure on Tehran,” stressing that “Israel’s Foreign Ministry sent a secret cable on October 20 to dozens of Israeli embassies in Western countries. It contains a request to start raising the issue of the transfer of Iranian drones to Russia, in addition to the possibility of transferring ballistic missiles.

And cables from the Israeli Foreign Ministry showed that shortly thereafter, the ministry sent a file to the embassies themselves containing intelligence information about Iranian arms shipments to Russia, noting that the Israeli ambassador to NATO had handed over the file to the deputy secretary general of the alliance, and a high-ranking Israeli diplomat went to Brussels to take part in a series of briefings on the subject at EU Headquarters and in the European Parliament.

Israeli officials said, “Last week, Israel’s ambassador in Moscow raised the issue with the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister and outlined Israel’s concerns in this regard,” noting that “Israel wants to organize an international conference in Israel on the proliferation of Iranian drones.” , and that they began discussing the idea with the Allies.”

“The new diplomatic and intelligence efforts represent a change in Israeli behavior regarding Iran’s role in the war in Ukraine, which until last month did not include active pressure on the issue to avoid tensions with Russia,” the website says.

Source: axios

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