Atlético Madrid fans are preparing a nasty surprise for Ronaldo

Atlético Madrid fans are uniting in an attempt to prevent their club from signing Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo from Manchester United during the current summer transfer period.

And the British newspaper The Daily Mail reported that Atlético Madrid fans opposed Ronaldo’s contract using the hashtag “ContraCR7” (against Ronaldo) on Twitter.

The hashtag “Anti-Ronaldo” has spread like wildfire, topping global tweets.

And the Daily Mail added that Atlético Madrid fans had written some “exciting” things, such as threatening to cancel their membership if they signed the former Real Madrid star.

The same source quoted one of the fans as saying: “If Ronaldo moves to Atlético Madrid I will cancel my membership”, while another said: “I would rather lose than sign Ronaldo”.

Several press reports have recently pointed to the possibility of the 37-year-old Ronaldo moving to Atlético Madrid during the current summer transfer period.

Ronaldo defended the colors of Real Madrid between 2009 and 2018 and led him to victory in several matches against his main rivals Atlético Madrid. The Don also clashed with Atlético fans following the end of the match between Real Madrid and Roja Blancos in the Champions League.

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