Atlético Madrid fan club releases statement on possible deal with Ronaldo

Atlético Madrid International Supporters Association worldwide, which includes more than 300 local support associations for the Spanish club, issued a statement expressing opposition to a possible contract for their team with Cristiano Ronaldo.

“We declare our absolute opposition to the contract with Cristiano Ronaldo and note that the Portuguese striker is the complete opposite of the values ​​​​that make up the hallmarks of Atlético, such as effort, humility, generosity and self-denial, which are the meanings of the colors of the shirt that we defend ,” the statement said.

And the International League statement continued: “The feeling of belonging to the feelings of Atlético is not within his reach (Ronaldo) and he will not receive our affection or appreciation.”

And the League warned that “even assuming it is unlikely that there is a player in a clear decline, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, capable of securing the title, we will not accept the contract.”

And the association concluded its statement: “We refuse to sign Ronaldo or even consider his management.”

Ronaldo is known to be looking to leave Manchester United this summer as he wants to play in the Champions League competition that United failed to qualify for, settling for sixth in the Premier League standings last season.

Several recent press reports have indicated that the 37-year-old Ronaldo could move to Atlético Madrid during the current summer transfer period.


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