At the Worldwide Box Office, ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Is Getting Close to a Major Milestone

After being shown in theaters over two weekends, Evil Dead Rise has raked in a total of $86.5 million globally. This brings the film’s earnings to an impressive total, slowly but surely reaching box office triumph. The fact that fans can’t get enough of these new people that stumble into a volume of the Necronomicon is demonstrated by the amazing holdovers that occurred in countries like Saudi Arabia, Colombia, and Peru after the release of the latest installment in the legendary supernatural horror franchise that Lee Cronin wrote. Evil Dead Rise has raked in $44.4 million in earnings from theaters in the United States.

At the Worldwide Box Office, 'Evil Dead Rise' Is Getting Close to a Major Milestone_

The film’s plot focuses on a new protagonist who exists within the same universe as the first Sam Raimi film from 1981. Even though characters from earlier parts of the story will not appear in this installment, you can always count on this franchise to deliver gore, powerful antagonists, and plenty of bloody mayhem. An earthquake unearths a hidden chamber beneath an apartment building, and two adolescents who reside there bring a mystery book back to their flat when the room is exposed. Unluckily, they were about to release a dreadful entity that would eventually take control of their mother, Ellie (played by Alyssa Sutherland).

This new chapter affects markets worldwide, even though it has been ten years since the last film in the Evil Dead franchise was shown in theaters. This next week will see the initial screenings of the follow-up film in Egypt and Indonesia. Currently, 8,369 theaters outside of the United States and Canada are showing the sequel. Given that the film’s reported budget is less than $20 million, it should be easy for Warner Bros. to profit from Cronin’s work. The series director has started discussing where the series can go from here.

In a recent interview, Lee Cronin hinted at the existence of a fourth volume of the Necronomicon. He said, “This book, to me, has a certain amount of character and a little bit of life to it in the sense that it activates, moves, and drinks a little bit of blood.” In addition, I consider each book to be practically on par with one of the gospels found in the Bible. It’s like hearing the same tale from a different person who tells it differently. And who can say for sure? There may be a fourth book waiting to be written somewhere. It may be the opposite of everything that we are aware of.

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