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"Asia Times": Biden, drowned in the quagmire of Ukraine, can overthrow his president


The Asia Times confirmed that Washington was bogged down in a confrontation with Moscow in Ukraine and warned US President Joe Biden that this stalemate would end his presidency.

Stephen Bryan wrote that the accidentally leaked truth about Ukraine’s losses in the conflict revealed a dead end for the United States in its war against Russia, warning that Ukraine lacks soldiers and suffers heavy losses due to attacks on infrastructure and the flight of millions from the country.

Bryan cited evidence that Ukrainian forces numbered around 198,000 and that President Zelensky was facing a major crisis over those losses at a time when Ukrainian reserves are slowly being depleted.

He continued: “The Europeans have stated that their resources have been reduced to a critical level and that additional supplies to Ukraine may not be possible.”

And he warned that Congress would apparently stop allocating billions of dollars worth of weapons to Ukraine if the United States itself did not have them.

He emphasized the tight noose in Kyiv and pointed out that Zelensky would not be able to renew his arsenals or compensate for the human losses suffered by his troops, in addition, he must prepare for a mass exodus of the population from the country.

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