"Asia" Announces the adoption of the 2026 World Cup qualification system.

On Monday, the Asian Football Confederation announced a new Asian qualification system for the 2026 World Cup and 2027 Asian Cup qualifiers.

Where the yellow continent has 8 direct places in the World Cup, in addition to the qualifying place through the addition, after expanding the base of participating teams to 48 teams, not 32 as before.

The Continental Confederation stated on its official website in an official statement that its executive office has formally approved the new system of qualifying games after a series of discussions with the member federation to decide on the qualification of 8 teams directly to the World Cup. Cup with the ninth team through the application.

It is planned that 18 teams will take part in the final Asian qualification for the World Cup, while it will be divided into 3 groups, 6 teams each, according to a separate league system of two rounds, back and forth, after which the first two teams from each group (6 teams in total) will qualify directly for the 2026 World Cup.

The Asian addition includes the third and fourth placed teams in each group, divided into two groups so that each group includes 3 teams in the league system from one stage rather than two stages where the two first placed teams in each group qualify directly. , while two ranked teams compete. The second match is an additional match to determine the team that represents the continent of Asia in the continental expansion, without specifying the name of the continent that will face Asia in the global expansion for the time being.

It is noteworthy that the 22 teams ranked 26th to 47th in the world rankings will take part in the first round of joint qualifiers, as they meet in two home and away matches, and 11 winning teams advance to the second round of joint qualifiers. .

Round 2 will feature 36 teams ranked 1 to 25 in addition to the 11 winning teams in Round 1, and they are divided into 9 groups so there are 4 teams in each group competing in a split league system of two rounds . and back.

The first two teams from each group (18 in total) advance to the final round of the Asian World Cup Qualifiers, and you also receive qualification cards for the 2027 Asian Cup.

Source: the-afc.com

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