As A Result of Efforts to Reduce Expenses, Project Sirius: Witcher has Been Rebooted

Executives from CD Projekt discussed the business side of the company during a conference that lasted one hour and was broadcast live on YouTube. The executives focused specifically on 2022 and the path that lies ahead. It was disclosed that the development of Project Sirius, a multiplayer game that had recently been rebooted and is currently managed by The Molasses Flood, had been restarted to “cut costs early” and ultimately realign with the project.

As A Result of Efforts to Reduce Expenses, Project Sirius Witcher has Been Reboote d_

Adam Kicinski, the CEO of CD Projekt, said, “it was a difficult decision to make, but we also believe it was the right one.” More than a week ago, CD Projekt announced that it would be rebooting Project Sirius, revealing that it had already invested almost ten million dollars into the development of the multiplayer game.

‘… And Even Restart, If Needed’

Piotr Nielubowicz, the Chief Financial Officer of CDP, provided a comprehensive explanation of why the company rebooted Project Sirius during the conference broadcast live on YouTube. His remarks included the following:

… for us to continue to be innovative, we need to try new things, be bold about them, experiment, and stay in control. This is especially important when dealing with a project unfamiliar to us regarding design and is being developed by a new studio that is part of our family. As we make progress, it is imperative that we continually assess the situation. It is in everyone’s best interest to reduce expenses as early as possible and restart the process if necessary.

The Chief Executive Officer of CDP, Kicinski, supported that statement by confirming that the organization did not ‘want to carry on with projects that we are not aligned with.’

As A Result of Efforts to Reduce Expenses, Project Sirius Witcher has Been Rebooted_

It is common knowledge that The Molasses Flood will continue to have full control over the project and will continue to be one of the most creative and forward-thinking games in the history of The Witcher franchise. It will be immersed in the gills of the universe. Still, it will feature a gameplay mode that is more “accessible,” which will allow CDP to appeal to a significantly larger audience. People are more excited about the game’s multiplayer component, even though it will also include a platform for single players.

In October 2016, it became public knowledge that CDP had ambitious plans for its various franchises, most notably that of The Witcher. CDP revealed in a massive announcement that the company is working on a sequel to Cyberpunk 2077, an entirely new intellectual property named Project Hadar, and not one, not two, but three new Witcher games.

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