Arms World Championship. Ziad Al-Sisi wins historical bronze for Egypt

Egyptian champion Ziad Al-Sisi won the bronze medal in the men’s fencing competition at the World Championships, which took place in Algiers until November 13.

Ziad Al-Sisi lost in the semi-finals to second world champion Georgia by a score of (15-13) to ensure he was crowned with the bronze medal which is awarded to the losing players in that round.

The bronze of Ziada El-Sisi is a historic medal, the first for Egypt at the Men’s Fencing World Championships.

Ziad Al-Sisi had several outstanding results in his league career, both ahead of Tunisian Mohamed Ben Mansour and Hungarian Tamas Djalgozi in the round of 16.

Ziad El-Sisi managed to defeat the Turkish Enver Yildirim in the 1/8 finals, and then in the eighth round to beat the fourth racket of the world, the champion of Italy.

Ziad El Sisi defeated France’s Maxime Piantif 15-14 in the quarter-finals to advance to the semi-finals.

Notably, Ziad El-Sisi won the gold medal in the saber event at the Mediterranean Games in Oran, Algeria, after beating the Italian champions 15-9, giving Egypt their 38th medal in the tournament.

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