Argentine parliament shows fragile unity after Kirchner attack

Argentina’s House of Representatives on Saturday condemned the attack on Vice President Cristina Kirchner and called for “social peace” at a meeting in which he expressed a fragile unity reflecting political tensions in the country.

Representatives were convened for an extraordinary session two days after the attack on the former president (2007-2015), which led to demonstrations on Friday in several cities in the country in a state of shock and amid a wave of international condemnation.

The council, in which the government coalition does not have an absolute majority, although it is the most important bloc in it, adopted a proposal confirming its “strong condemnation” of the assassination attempt and its “absolute solidarity” with Kirchner.

In their memorandum, the deputies demanded “the speedy and complete explanation and condemnation of those responsible for this unfortunate event that undermines life in a democracy.”

“We call on all leaders and people to seek all paths leading to social peace,” the text, approved by a show of hands, reads.

The text was adopted almost unanimously, as a small radical left party abstained from voting due to its disagreement with the wording of the memorandum.

But MPs from the Republican Proposal (Proquista Republica a Pro) party, led by former Liberal President Mauricio Macri, the largest formation of the Toge for Change (center-right) opposition bloc, left the hall immediately after the vote and did not participate in the discussions.

Source: AFP.

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