Arab League Foreign Ministers Discuss Intensifying Arab Peace Initiative at Cairo Meeting

Arab League Foreign Ministers Discuss Revitalizing Arab Peace Initiative

Today, Wednesday, in the League of Arab States in Cairo, Egypt, a meeting began at the level of foreign ministers of Arab countries, which discussed holding a meeting to intensify the Arab Peace Initiative.

Efforts to Revitalize the Arab Peace Initiative

Arab League Secretary General Ahmed Abul Gheit said he would make great efforts to hold a meeting to revitalize the Arab Peace Initiative, stressing that there is a trend to support the Palestinian cause through the revitalization of the initiative.

Proposed Meeting Date

Abul Gheit confirmed that the meeting will be convened from now, hoping to hold it on September 18, before the meeting of the United Nations General Assembly, noting that the Arab League will extend an invitation to the European Union, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan.

Hope for Arab Efforts at the UN General Assembly

The Secretary-General expressed his hope that the Arab efforts would bear fruit in the forthcoming United Nations General Assembly. Abul Ghaith also mentioned “the emergence of what at first glance appears to be a multi-polar international system, but in fact, there is some Western influence on some tracks.”

Anticipation of a Multipolar World

Abul Gheit confirmed that “the existence of a multipolar world will serve the Arab side, but we are waiting for this system to crystallize,” stressing that “(a multipolar system) will emerge, and I have no doubt about it, and there is enough time. on this occasion”.

Source: RT

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