April Drug Raid in South Khorasan Yields 1.8 Tons of Seized Narcotics in Iran

Colonel Hassan Shujai Nasab, commander of internal security forces in South Khorasan Province in eastern Iran, said the provincial police seized 1.8 tons of various types of drugs in April this year.

Colonel Hasan Shujai Nasab said that one ton and 800 kilograms of drugs were seized in South Khorasan Province last month, resulting in the arrest of 667 drug traffickers, thanks to police efforts.

He added that 440,000 liters of smuggled fuel were seized last month.

He stated that the police detained 359 smugglers in the field of smuggling of goods and oil products and seized 481 vehicles loaded with smuggled fuel.

The commander of the South Khorasan Province Internal Security Forces said the smuggled and stored goods were valued at more than 220 billion rials.

Source: Persian News

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