Approximately 600,000 French citizens to protest against Macron’s reform, reports Le Figaro

According to the newspaper Figaro, on June 6, a rally against pension reform is expected in France with the participation of 600,000 people.

The newspaper said: “Authorities fear mass riots among demonstrators across the country, with a total of about 250 rallies planned.”

According to preliminary estimates by law enforcement agencies, 400,000 to 600,000 people are expected to take part in rallies throughout the country. In the capital, from 40 to 70 thousand people can take part in the protests. It is also expected that up to a thousand extremist-minded citizens will be present in the ranks of the demonstrators.

The demonstrators will march from Les Invalides Park to Piazza d’Italia along the route of the march, where the building of the National Assembly of France is located, as well as the Rotunda restaurant, where French President Emmanuel Macron celebrated. his victory in the 2017 election

During one earlier demonstration, demonstrators set fire to a restaurant’s canopy, causing part of it to burn down before firefighters could put out the fire.

This way of displaying makes it “difficult” for law enforcement officials, according to police sources. This will be the 14th all-Russian protest against raising the retirement age since the introduction of the reform.

In France, protests continue against the reform of the pension system, especially the main point in it, associated with raising the retirement age from 62 to 64 years.

Source: RT + News

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