Apple’s Next iOS 16.4 Will have a Redesigned HomeKit Framework

Apple will reintroduce the updated HomeKit architecture in the future iOS 16.4 update after initially removing it in December owing to significant difficulties.

Apple's Next iOS 16.4 Will have a Redesigned HomeKit Framewor k_

Backend code suggests that Apple is prepared to re-launch the revised Home architecture initially published with the iOS 16.2 update but was pulled a week later due to glitches and installation problems.

According to new code references from Nicolás Alvarez (@nicolas09F9), the architecture will return with the release of iOS 16.4, starting with the first beta that might appear as soon as this week. Apple announced that the upgrading option would “return soon” and that the absence was only temporary.

Apple's Next iOS 16.4 Will have a Redesigned HomeKit Framework_

Apple has been enhancing the dependability and efficiency of communication between smart home accessories and Apple devices since iOS 16 debuted at WWDC in June 2022.

Some HomeKit devices disappeared from HomeKit settings or became stuck in a “configuring/updating” stage when the Home architecture was initially made available. Additionally, it caused invites to share the Home to fail for certain users and broke HomeKit Secure video recording for others.

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