Apple Announces Availability of iCloud Terms Acceptance Through Web Following Viral Tweet

The iCloud terms and conditions for an Apple TV can be accepted without having an iPhone or iPad, according to a new support document released by Apple today.


Customers can accept the revised terms and conditions on the website even if they don’t have an iPhone running iOS 16 or later or an iPad running iPadOS 16. The instructions are provided in the supporting document:

  • Visit and use your Apple ID to log in.
  • Follow the instructions to evaluate and amend your account settings if necessary.
  • Read the iCloud Terms and Conditions and accept them.

Chris Koch, a Google employee, said last month that because he didn’t possess an iPhone, iPad, or any other Apple device, he couldn’t agree to the new iCloud terms and conditions for his Apple TV. He mentioned that when he attempted to check into, no updated terms and conditions were presented to him on the website.

Even though there is a straightforward fix, Apple decided to address this issue in a support post after Koch’s tweet gained almost a million views. Koch said in a subsequent tweet that after signing out of his Apple ID account under Settings Users and Accounts Name iCloud and then signing back in, the revised iCloud terms and conditions were presented to him immediately on his Apple TV without the need for any additional hardware.

The reason why Apple removed the support material is unknown.

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