Antonov: New sanctions against Russia are an attempt to force it out of world markets

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov said that the new US sanctions against Russia’s actions are aimed at ousting Russia from world markets through blackmail.

Commenting on the new package of sanctions against Russia, Antonov said on Tuesday: “The sanctions machine promoted by Washington continues to impose restrictions on Russian companies in an attempt to force Russia out of world markets and fill its empty positions through simple blackmail, and not through fair competition.”

The ambassador said that “there are often many new sanctions”, adding that “it seems that the bureaucracy can no longer come up with something new.”

He also pointed out that the United States is destabilizing world markets with the introduction of new sanctions, which threatens to continue rising prices and problems with access to products.

The Russian diplomat pointed out that the restrictions “on Russian businessmen and companies associated with the production of mineral products and fertilizers” raise questions, continuing: “Despite numerous assurances from the US Treasury Department about the withdrawal of such goods and, above all, agricultural , banks and insurance companies are refusing transport companies to work with Russian factories.”

He warned that “such enthusiasm by the US authorities is leading to more instability in world markets, which are suffering from a serious disruption of transport links. Hence the risk of continued price increases, noting that “developing countries will suffer the most damage.”

He explained: “No matter how hard our adversaries try to isolate Russia, they will not succeed. We have shown ourselves to be a responsible and reliable supplier interested in maintaining stable mutual trade relations with foreign partners.”

On Tuesday, the US authorities announced the introduction of a new package of economic sanctions against a number of Russian businessmen, employees and representatives of the leadership of the liberated regions of Ukraine.

Source: TASS

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