Another Iranian Military Adviser in Syria Killed in Israeli Attack, Revolutionary Guards Confirm (Photo)

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced the death of Mikdad’s military adviser Mahqani Jaafarabadi in Syria as a result of a wound received during an Israeli attack on Damascus two days ago.

Today, Sunday, a PR statement from the Islamic Revolutionary Guards said: “Captain Mikdad Mahkani Jaafar Abadi died of wounds as a result of Israeli aggression in the Damascus countryside at dawn on Friday.”

On Friday, the Public Relations Office of the Revolutionary Guards announced in a statement “the martyrdom of one of the advisers and officers of the Revolutionary Guards, Milad Haidari, as a result of a criminal attack by a Zionist entity at dawn on Friday in the vicinity of Damascus.”

The public relations statement denounces the “silence and inaction of effective international forums regarding the repeated crimes and attacks of the Zionist entity and the ongoing violations of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of an independent state that is a Member of the United Nations”, and emphasizes that “the false and criminal Zionist entity is undoubtedly will receive an answer to this crime.

Source: Fares, Tasnim

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