Ankara: Start of procedures for upgrading the diplomatic mission in Israel to the level of ambassador

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced the start of measures to upgrade the diplomatic representation in Israel to the level of ambassador.

During a press conference with his Israeli counterpart Yair Lapid in the Turkish capital of Ankara, Davutoglu said that the talks between the two sides confirmed the advancement of positive dialogue between their countries with concrete steps, and added: “Bilateral political and regional consultations between our two foreign ministries are important, and we have begun procedures to upgrade our diplomatic representation to the level of an ambassador.”

Davutoglu spoke about the security dossier, noting that the two countries’ security agencies “continue to work in close cooperation,” adding, “We have been in close contact with Lapid about terrorist threats against Israeli citizens in our country.”

“I would like to emphasize that we cannot allow events of this kind to occur in our country, and we will not allow scores to be settled within our country, and we cannot allow terrorist attacks to occur,” he said.

Source: Anadolu Agency, Turkey.

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