"Angie" French: France will not face gas shortages in winter

Catherine McGregor, president of the French energy company ENGIE, said that this winter there will be no shortage of gas in France, and the consumption of blue fuel in the country has already decreased by 4% -5%.

McGregor said in an interview with RTL radio today, Friday: “We are completely calm about the gas situation in France. However, we note that the power grid in Europe, including in France, is under pressure, but I can assure that we will not face gas shortages this winter, but only if we do not need more gas.”

The head of the French energy company Engie added that today French gas storage facilities are 93% full.

On August 31, the Russian company Gazprom Export cut off gas supplies to the French energy company Enge after it failed to pay due payments for July 2022.

Source: RIA Novosti

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