Anger in France after the decision to deport the Moroccan imam… and famous people sent a petition to Macron

French cultural and human rights figures have launched a petition calling on French President Emmanuel Macron to stop the decision to expel a Moroccan imam in the north because of his calls for hatred and violence against the Jewish community.

Controversy arose in France following the decision of French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin to expel Moroccan Imam Hassan Eschussen.

The petition is led by journalist Fouad El-Bahri, university writer Marie-Anne Bavot, renowned French historian Fabrice Risputy, writer François Kay, as well as Jewish poets, film critics and writers.

The text of the petition notes that the threat of expulsion put forward by Darmanin against Imam Ekesen “is evidence of the presence of more serious obstacles to the legitimacy and classification of the French Republic by internal enemies.”

The same document, which was presented in protest against the deportation decision, emphasized that “the question of the ideological and religious position of the Imam, raised by the French Minister of the Interior, is of little importance.”

Those behind the petition justify their move on the grounds that the legislative string of presidential elections that elected 89 far-right deputies supports Interior Minister Emmanuel Macron’s decision that he will oust Hassan Ehossen, the imam. northern province because of its association with the Muslim Brotherhood.

The text of the document emphasized that the threat of expulsion, voiced by French Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin against Hassan Ekoizen, is the realization of the aggravation of the racist, in particular anti-Islamic legislative arsenal, which was voted for and published during the Macron era with the separatist “law”.

The petition stated that the “immigration and asylum” law is being used to close many mosques and associations representing Muslims and expel imams, striking the depth of French identity based on freedom and acceptance of the other.

Source: Hespress

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