Analysts: Heatwave in Europe exacerbates energy crisis

Bloomberg, citing energy experts, said that the heat that has gripped Europe is exacerbating its energy crisis, and that the energy shortage from Russia due to sanctions is exacerbating this crisis.

British think tank Lane Clark & ​​Peacock pointed out that the exceptional heat wave has limited energy production and is making generating capacity in European countries less efficient as power plants are forced to use more energy to cool their devices.

Rising temperatures are affecting water: Germany’s Rhine River has fallen to its lowest level in 15 years, jeopardizing coal supplies to power plants.

Rystad Energy noted that the sanctions imposed on the import of energy resources from Russia against the backdrop of its military operation in Ukraine are exacerbating the energy crisis in Europe.

She explained that high temperatures could make supply insufficient to meet rising demand due to energy sector restructuring in preparation for the winter season.

Notably, the UK is about to break the record for warming, which is expected to reach 38.7 degrees on Tuesday.

Europe will also witness record levels of heat this week.

Source: Bloomberg.

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