An Israeli fell into the hands of the Donetsk security forces and said his word

Forces of the Luhansk People’s Republic captured an Israeli citizen who was in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces, but he said he was forced to do so.

Vladimir Kozlovsky, an Israeli citizen of Ukrainian origin, said that he wanted to leave for Israel with the start of the Russian special operation, and for this he received permission from the Israeli consul in Kyiv to leave Ukraine with his wife and child, but Ukrainian border guards did not allow him to leave, but instead sent to fight on the Lyschansky front.

The Israeli prisoner spoke about the morale of the Ukrainian soldiers, noting that it is completely collapsed, the weapons are weak, and commanders always run first, and mercenaries, of which there are many, are treated in a special way.

At the end of his speech, the prisoner said that he followed Zelensky when he was an actor, but after he became president, he became like a “paid prostitute.”

Source: RT

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