An inconvenient fact for Biden

Douglas Murray, a Fox News political commentator, said Americans do not believe their president Joe Biden’s claims that Russian President Vladimir Putin is responsible for the country’s high fuel prices.

The TV journalist pointed out that the Biden administration has been trying to blame the Russian president for the past six months, but it was this attempt that “weakened”.

He emphasized that the saying “high prices because of Putin” is a lie three times, one of which is that the Americans did not fall for it: “We understand that we had energy problems from the very beginning, this is mismanagement.”

Murray pointed out that US residents understand that it was Biden who cut the oil pipeline from Canada, trying to pursue the policy of the “green” as much as possible, and as a result of which the US president today is forced to “travel the world, begging others to provide us with oil.”

Murray saw that the current US leadership was pursuing an “ideologically driven” energy policy, emphasizing that it “did not look at the numbers, did not look at the facts, and was guided by this (ideological) part of the agenda.”

He came to the conclusion that it is precisely because of these “very ideological people” that people in America are now suffering.

Biden has repeatedly linked the current economic crisis in America to the escalating conflict in Ukraine. He described the rise in inflation in the United States as “high prices because of Putin.”

On the other hand, Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a commentary, pointed out that such statements are designed for people who cannot read and write, pointing out that the current food and fuel problems in the world are the result of systematic mistakes by the administration in Washington and the European bureaucracy.

Source: RIA Novosti

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