An eyewitness tells about the circumstances of the fatal stampede in Seoul

Camila, a Seoul resident, said the stampede, which killed more than 150 people, was caused by pre-paid entry to bars that evening.

She explained that she had been to Itaewon the day before, where she had arranged to meet her friends there, but already at the exit of the subway she felt that there were unusually many people at the station.

She said: “I realized that everyone is going there. All trains, carriages and escalators are overcrowded. And if you get caught in that stream, you have no way back or anywhere else. a real hell, and everywhere was full of people. “But when I went upstairs, things got even worse. Roads, streets, all places were full of people. I knew I wanted to go home, but first I had to meet my friends.”

“Yesterday, the bars were prepaid (booked), so there were so many people on the street, they didn’t go anywhere,” she added.

Source: RIA Novosti

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