An American report shows that the United States has been hit by the largest oil spill in its history.

US media have reported that the United States has experienced the largest oil spill in its history since a pipeline leak inside a nature reserve two years ago, contrary to rumors.

The report shows that the colonial pipeline leak in August 2020 was much larger than initial estimates and is the largest onshore leak in U.S. history.

Investigators initially determined that about 63,000 gallons were spilled in the Olaire Nature Reserve outside of Charlotte. However, new data from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (NCDEQ) shows the leak began 18 days before it was discovered, leaking more than 1.2 million gallons of gasoline.

Commenting on the topic, Kathy Craig, director of the North Carolina Public Interest Research Group, issued a statement cautioning against fossil fuel mining: “When it comes to using fossil fuels, we now know that when we extract and transport oil and gas, we spill oil and gas. Infrastructure creates “Gas accidents are expected that pollute our water, damage our environment, cost consumers and taxpayers money to clean up, and threaten public health. But these spills are preventable. We need to move away from our reliance on dirty fossil fuels and move towards a cleaner and healthier future powered by green and renewable energy.”

According to the report, two teenagers accidentally discovered a leak in a colonial pipeline in August 2020 at the Auler Nature Reserve outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, while they were riding quad bikes. Website “E&E News” Two teenagers noticed the leak two weeks after it happened at the nature reserve.

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