An American mercenary describes the Ukrainian army as" mental hospital"

An American mercenary fighting on the side of Ukrainian forces spoke of occasional exposure to friendly firebombs in the Ukrainian army, calling the situation a “hospital for lunatics” and a “circus.”

And the American journalist Seth Harp posted on Twitter a correspondence with this mercenary who said: “People get hurt and die for no reason – it’s just a circus. We fought for two hours, and then it turned out that we were at war with the Ukrainian special forces. the mind cannot believe it.”

The mercenary emphasized that “without effort <...> (name withheld) I wouldn’t be in that mental hospital at all.”

The mercenary noted that he had visited many places of hostilities in Ukraine, and his conclusions are disappointing.

“I can say that the Ukrainians have no hope if they continue to fight in the same way,” he said.

Source: RIA Novosti

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