Americans mock Biden after tweet about fuel prices

U.S. President Joe Biden’s tweet urging gas station owners to lower gas prices sparked conversations and sarcastic responses from Twitter pioneers.

“Reduce the price you charge at gas stations to reflect the cost you pay for the item. Do it now,” Biden tweeted on Saturday, adding that gas station operators should do this because it is a time of “war” and “risk globalism.”

Biden’s address provoked sarcastic reactions and many jokes from Americans in their comments on Twitter.

“Thank you for this tweet Mr. President,” Greg wrote sarcastically. “All the local gas stations around me dropped their prices by $2 immediately because they have notifications for your tweets turned on.”

Shibetoshi Nakamoto joked, “I showed this to a gas station attendant and he said, ‘Why are you showing me this? I said, “The president requested that you charge me a smaller amount.” He chuckled but took the same amount.

And Paul Metzgar sarcastically wrote: “Thank God I tweeted this. It will definitely work.”

Defiant L’s said: “I mean we are now moving from (slogan) ‘Putin’s high prices’ to ‘stupid gas stations'” and added: “I don’t expect politicians to be honest, but at least you have to be logical “. .”

Matt wrote: “We don’t need laws, we just need tweets from the most powerful person in the world with a kind request. Thanks, Joe.”

And the price of gasoline in the US has reached record levels in recent months, surpassing $5 a gallon in June.

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