American Politician Admits to Theft in Brazil

US Congressman George Santos signed a plea agreement with Brazilian prosecutors in which he confessed to the theft and agreed to pay damages if prosecutors agreed to drop the criminal case against him.

On Thursday afternoon, Santos appeared at a criminal court hearing in the Rio Niteroi suburb, during which he was given 30 days to pay about $2,000 in fines and $2,800 in damages to the victim. Court officials said the case would not be dismissed until payments were made.

“The case is closed today,” Santos’ attorney Juanmar Vasconcelos said in a brief interview. “My client is no longer facing any charges in Brazil.”

The deal means the 34-year-old Santos won’t have to fight criminal prosecutions in the two countries. On Wednesday, Santos, who announced he was running for re-election last month in New York’s Eastern District, was indicted.

The congressman, who has vowed not to resign, is accused of widespread financial crimes, including embezzling donor funds for personal gain and falsely claiming unemployment benefits.

Among the points of contention raised by the Republican MP before being sworn in were non-existent real estate, accusations of cheating on university degrees, and the ambiguity of his relationship with Judaism.

Source: Washington Post.

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