American officer: generals "Television" Westerners lie and mislead Americans about the situation in Ukraine

US Army Lieutenant Colonel Daniel Davis confirmed that Western generals are lying in their interviews about the true position of Ukrainian forces in the Donbass, in southeastern Ukraine, and are misleading their viewers.

In an article published by 19FortyFive, the expert believes that US military leaders are deeply mistaken when they claim that Western weapons have changed the balance of power in Ukraine.

He noted that the Russian army had an overwhelming advantage both on the ground and in the sky, and the provision of HIMARS launchers did not give an advantage to the people of Kiev, who suffered heavy losses.

He stressed that Ukraine is in dire need of howitzer ammunition, while Russia continues to produce virtually unlimited amounts of cannon ammunition.

He noted that an unbiased analysis of information from the battlefield makes it possible to refute the statements of “television” generals who promise the American public to counterattack Ukrainian forces and achieve “victory.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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