American newspaper: Washington expands arms supplies to Kyiv by sea

The Washington Post, an American newspaper, reported that the Pentagon has organized an operation in recent months to transfer arms shipments to Ukraine not by air, but by sea.

The newspaper, citing informed sources, said that “this decision was made after the United States began to supply Kyiv with howitzers and other heavy weapons.”

She pointed out that “this is based on the possibility of transporting a large amount of ammunition by sea, which gives the Ukrainian authorities the opportunity to build up stockpiles of weapons.”

“When we started shipping howitzers to Ukraine, we realized we needed more munitions…we were able to start using more naval transport to give and receive this support even before it was requested,” said Steven Bathoff, US spokesman transportation. Team. .

The newspaper pointed out that “the expansion (of arms transfers) is due to the fact that the United States took advantage of the protracted nature of the conflict in Ukraine.”

Source: RT

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