American newspaper: The US Army is undergoing a crisis of renewal due to the refusal of Americans to join it

An American conservative newspaper reported that the army is experiencing a severe shortage of recruits due to the refusal of Americans to join its ranks, which could push the leadership to make difficult decisions.

The newspaper reported that “the recruit shortage crisis is the latest in a string of setbacks that have hit the U.S. military after a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan that shattered the image of an institution now forced to confront accusations of incompetence and politicization.”

She noted that “the US military in recent years has experienced a cultural revolution and spoke the language of the left, which ultimately brought them dangerously close to the Democrats and caused a decrease in the number of Americans entering the service.”

She pointed out that “US Army high command may be faced with a difficult choice: either reducing the size of the force, or the transition to universal conscription.”

Source: “News”

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