American newspaper: Biden’s policy threatens America with the same problems as Europe

The New York Post said that the policies of US President Joe Biden threaten the United States with the same problems that Europe is now facing.

The newspaper added: “Biden is leading the United States into the same energy nightmare that Europe is now experiencing.”

The article pointed out that the President of the United States had practically stopped leasing out oil and gas production sites, and this was one of his first decrees in his office in which he prevented the issuance of new licenses in this industry.

The newspaper reported that the area of ​​land that the current White House administration has allowed to be turned over to investors for oil drilling is 35 times smaller than it was under Richard Nixon and 378 times smaller than it was under Ronald Reagan.

She noted that “Biden is trying to fulfill his campaign promise to stop using combustible fuels to slow down the process of global warming.”

Similar decisions in Europe led to an energy crisis and a severe economic crisis: the European Union began to close nuclear power plants and coal-fired power plants without any alternative. And now Europe is paying the price: from August 2019 to July this year, natural gas prices in the region rose by 1,500%.

Now EU leaders are taking drastic measures to avert catastrophe, but the union is an economic mess nonetheless: stock markets have plummeted, the euro is at a 20-year low, and companies are shutting down en masse. But all these measures have done little to reduce global warming, because the level of greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries is increasing.

Source: RIA Novosti

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