American newspaper: Biden is pushing Saudi Arabia to increase production, and Russia could be the winner

The visit of US President Joe Biden to Saudi Arabia to sign an agreement to increase oil production could turn into an unexpected victory for Russia.

He came Article by Ben Wolfgang in The Washington Timeswhere Wolfgang wrote that President Biden is expected to call on Riyadh to increase oil production in an attempt to curb the massive increase in global prices and ease a growing political headache at home, but there are indications that these efforts may have an unintended benefit, which is Russia .

And although a Reuters report yesterday, Thursday, July 15, said that Saudi Arabia more than doubled its quarterly imports of Russian oil last spring and early summer, the Saudis said they used this Russian fuel to meet the energy needs of the kingdom. , and free up more Saudi oil for shipment. In all parts of the world, including the US, Riyadh’s surge in Russian oil imports has undermined US and NATO efforts to sanction Russia by slashing revenues from energy exports, Russia’s core economy.

At the same time, Biden is facing heavy criticism at home from Republicans and energy industry leaders who question the secret of the current administration’s desire to buy more oil from Saudi Arabia while refusing to drill on US soil.

“President Biden travels half the world looking for a solution that is here at home,” Wyoming Senator John Barrasso, a senior member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, said on Thursday, July 14. And the US senator continued: “Freeing up American energy is the surest way to strengthen the American economy and lower energy prices, as it will weaken the influence of Russia and China, but President Biden will not allow us to remove this from the earth.”

Source: Washington Times.

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