American magazine: European country may soon cause the most important transformation in the history of the old continent

After the elections on September 25, Italy could be the driving force behind very serious and important changes in the European Union, according to American Thinker.

The newspaper, in an article by Samuel Piccoli, said that high inflation and the cost of living due to anti-Russian sanctions forced tens of thousands of demonstrators to take to the streets of European cities.

Meanwhile, Italy is heading towards a general election that could be won by a centre-right coalition, further tipping the balance of power in Europe.

It is noteworthy that the leader of the League of the North, Matteo Salvini, during the election campaign, said that Western sanctions against Russia not only did not work, but also harmed Italy, and suggested that the allies reconsider their approach. And the leader of the centre-right coalition Gorga Meloni promised, in case of victory, to change the national reconstruction plan approved by the European Union and direct budget funds to reduce electricity bills, which is completely rejected by the EU authorities. .

The article noted that, according to the European Union and the Italian elite, Meloni and Salvini’s “main sin” is that they were and remain supporters of former US President Donald Trump and passionately defend traditional family values ​​​​and the leading role of Christianity and oppose the absence of borders. between countries.

“However, fortunately, there is a clear difference between the attitudes of the voters and the elite on many issues, and the center-left coalition in Italy is well aware that the next general elections will be difficult, as they will be very difficult for the European Union in the next heating season,” said Samuel Piccoli.

The writer ended his article as follows: “The pragmatic approach of the leaders of the Italian center-right alliance is likely to gain great popularity throughout Europe. There is no doubt that the achievement of this alliance by a landslide election victory on September 25 can turn Italy into the driving force of the most important transformation in the history of Europe “.

Source: RIA Novosti

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