American magazine: Biden is losing a proxy war in Ukraine

Colonel Douglas McGregor believes that US President Joe Biden, determined to fight his proxy war with Russia to the end, is losing the battle for Ukraine.

Writing for The American Thinker, he added: “Biden’s favorite horse, NATO is choking on its last breath. The only thing that is falling faster than Biden’s popularity is the economy of the United States and Europe.”

According to him, the problem with NATO is that the economic difficulties caused by Biden’s sanctions against Russia threaten Europe with a large-scale economic disaster.

The author quotes Germany, the largest economy in the European Union and the main country in NATO, “is currently experiencing great difficulties.”

The article claims that Chancellor Olaf Scholz understands that if he leads the movement in Europe for a ceasefire in Ukraine, despite Biden’s objections, European support for NATO and Biden’s failed war with Russia will quickly collapse.

The author of the article believes that US policy is dangerous, and Americans and Europeans are “angry at their failed and ignorant leaders.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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