American journalist warns of the collapse of the United States of America if Trump is not brought to justice

Writer Charles Blow, a columnist for the American newspaper The New York Times, warned that the authorities of the United States of America “cannot afford not to hold former US President Trump to account.”

Blue noted that Trump has learned from his mistakes and is “more dangerous than ever” as the writer believes that the American political system and the entire existence of the country are in danger unless former US President Donald Trump is impeached for the events. around the storming of the Capitol in January 2021.

Charles Blow expressed this sentiment in his New York Times column, adding that “Trump’s entry into politics was first and foremost a test of the vulnerability of the American political system, and every time he failed to break through the fence, his courage increased, becoming the ultimate political predator.” As the series of congressional hearings on the “January 6 Uprising” concluded, it became clear that Trump “should be charged with multiple crimes,” Blue said. However, the writer came back and said, “I’m not part of the Justice Department and it will make the final decision on federal charges.”

“The Trump who doesn’t stand trial is the Trump who can cause havoc,” said Charles Blow. “Someone may argue that impeachment of a former president will forever change the rules of the presidential race, but I argue that if Trump is not brought to justice, there is a risk that the entire American political system will collapse, and then the country will collapse. .”

According to Blue, the US authorities cannot bear the consequences of Trump’s failure to hold accountable, as the former president has learned from his mistakes and has become “more dangerous than ever, and his desire to regain power has nothing to do with the well-being of the country, but rather his selfish way, rude. He wants to be president again, because for him power is a shield against his actions, a mechanism through which he can inject more money. If his re-election bid succeeds, Trump’s second term is likely to be much worse than his first.”

Blue explains that Trump, amid an investigation into his involvement with the insurgents and his attempts to claim “election theft”, is again learning from his mistakes, and continues: “Trump learns that his loyalty tests should be tougher, and he also learns that his attempts to seize “power should come at the beginning of his presidency, not at the end. He learns that the political system can be broken.”

Earlier, Rolling Stones magazine, citing sources, reported that Trump wants to participate in the 2024 presidential election not only in order to become head of state, but also in order to avoid legal problems that he may face, up to charges. a crime against him, the punishment for which is even imprisonment.

Source: New York Times

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