Ambassador of Luhansk: There are only a few days left before the complete liberation of Lischansk

The Ambassador of the Luhansk Republic to Russia, Rodion Miroshnik, said that only a few days remained before the complete liberation of Lischansk from Ukrainian troops.

“Until the complete liberation of the city, I hope, there are only a few days left,” the ambassador added in a television interview.

The ambassador explained that as soon as this city was taken under control and cleared of the remnants of Ukrainian groups along with its suburbs, the Luhansk People’s Republic would become free.

“We have already advanced and reached the Shakhtar stadium… There is progress in microdistricts, already 40-45 percent, that is, we are gradually approaching the city center,” the ambassador said.

The ambassador noted that the entire Ukrainian leadership is actively and hastily leaving the city.

He added: “The Ukrainian command is almost gone. There are still some militants from the territorial defense, there are still some representatives of the remnants of fanatical nationalist battalions of various shades. There used to be representatives of the Ukrainian GRU, but I’m not sure that they remained there now. time”.

According to him, the allied forces formed a powerful foothold on the banks of the Seversky Donets.

The ambassador said: “Speaking of the Privol region, that is, from the north and northeast, and from there the situation is being eliminated and the enemy is crushed, so the forecast is already very good … We are now developing an active offensive that will last not even days, but hours .. .Now under our control. The former factory of rubber products … everything inspires optimism.”

Source: RIA Novosti

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