Amazon and Netflix Compete for Film Rights: Crime 101 Featuring Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal

Amazon and Netflix Compete for Film Rights

Two major streaming platforms, Amazon and Netflix, are currently vying for the rights to the upcoming film Crime 101. This information comes from reliable sources in the media industry. The competition between the two giants is fierce, with bidding prices skyrocketing. While a winner has not yet been announced, Amazon has notably taken the lead with a staggering offer of $100 million. This significant bid was made in collaboration with a UK-based producer, highlighting the immense value placed on a movie that has yet to be filmed. It is not surprising considering the reputation of both streaming services.

Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal to Star in Crime 101

The involvement of actors Chris Hemsworth and Pedro Pascal has further intensified the competition. What makes their interest noteworthy is the ongoing writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood. Chris Hemsworth is widely recognized for his roles as Thor and in the recent film Extraction 2. Similarly, Pedro Pascal gained popularity through his character in The Mandalorian and The Last of Us, generating countless memes. However, it is important to note that Crime 101 is a separate project unrelated to their previous works.

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