Algeria.. Important discovery of gas condensate in Hassi-Rmel.

Algerian energy company Sonatrach announced the discovery of a large gas condensate field in the Hassi R’Mel field.

The company said in a statement that the Sonatrach complex was able to identify “significant new hydrocarbon potentials in the Lias LD2 carbonate field at the level of the Hassi R’Mel field production zone.”

She added that “the initial assessment of this potential showed a volume of 100 to 340 billion cubic meters of liquefied gas.”

“This volume of liquefied gas represents one of the largest revaluations of reserves in the last twenty years,” she said.

She indicated that “a development program is underway to confirm the estimated volumes and work on urgent production, estimated at approximately 10 million cubic meters per day as of November 2022.”

Source: “Algiers News Agency”

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