Algeria Halts Import of Live Calves and Cows from France Due to Hemorrhagic Disease Epidemic

Immediate Halt of Import of Live Calves and Cows from France due to Hemorrhagic Disease

On Saturday, Algeria’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development announced an immediate halt to the import of live calves and cows coming from France due to the emergence of an “epidemic of hemorrhagic disease.”

Ministry’s Decision to Stop Import

In her statement, she explained that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, after consultation with the National Veterinary Directorate, has decided to immediately stop the import of calves and live cows coming from France.

Urgent Preventive Measure

She added that this urgent preventive measure was taken following the emergence of an infectious disease, “epidemic hemorrhagic disease”, which mainly affects live calves and cows in France and was officially declared by the country’s health authorities.

Disease Discovery in France

Two days ago, French authorities announced the discovery of this disease among farmers in the southwest of the country.

Algerian Red Meat Company’s Response

It is worth noting that the Algerian Red Meat Company has resorted to new procedures in order to secure red meat, either by importing it fresh or importing calves for slaughter and fattening directly from abroad, expanding the small list of foreign producers and suppliers interested in supplying this product. products to Algeria, reports the local newspaper Al-Shorouk.


Source: Algerian Radio + local newspaper Al-Shorouk.

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