Al-Khelaifi tries to reset PSG with controversial regulations

Nasser Al-Khelaifi, president of the French club Saint-Germain, wants to control and impose obligations in various aspects, so to achieve this goal, he appointed Louis Campos as sports director and Christophe Galtier as coach.

And from the moment Campos arrived, Al Khulaifi made it clear that new rules would be put in place that everyone would abide by, or those who didn’t abide by them would have to leave.

Galtier, the new coach of Saint-Germain, said on the day he was introduced to the club: “You have to control yourself both on and off the field.”
This comes after many doubts have recently circulated about the commitment of some stars to the team led by Brazilian striker Neymar and his Argentine counterpart Mauro Icardi, as well as the delay of some other players from training during the era of former manager Mauricio Pochettino. .

The French newspaper L’Equipe reported that the rules will include many small and other important details, from breakfast and lunch for the whole team to a ban on phone calls to support personal communication between players.

Perhaps the most controversial measure in Paris is the ban on night walks, especially since Campos knew about the nightclubs frequented by Parisian stars even before he came to the Princes’ Garden.

The move is intended to impose more control over the actions of the players off the field, which Galtier welcomed and threatened to eject the offenders.

None of the Parisian stars have yet spoken out against these measures, but the question remains about their continuity and players’ adaptation to them in the long term.

This is because Al-Khelaifi tried to introduce this control in 2019, during the era of former sporting director Leonardo, but he failed to change the dynamics in which the team operates.


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