Al-Kazemi: Iraq will not join any military alliance and our position on the Palestinian issue is consistent

Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi said that the Jeddah conference in Saudi Arabia “will not witness a discussion of the case of normalizing relations with Israel” and stressed that talk of this is an attempt to obfuscate Iraq’s restoration of its role in the region.

The prime minister’s press office said in a statement Friday, which was posted on Twitter, that “Iraq’s position is firm and clear on the Palestinian issue and is non-negotiable.”

The press service added that Iraq cannot be a springboard for the threat of any of the neighboring countries.

The Prime Minister stressed that Baghdad would not allow either side to use Iraq as a base to threaten neighbors or create problems using Iraqi lands.

He emphasized that today they are in dire need of wisdom, patience, reconciliation with themselves and restoration of trust for the sake of Iraq and the Iraqis, noting that their motto from the first day of this government is “Iraq first, and we will continue with this approach to serve people.”

In addition, Al-Kazemi stated during a press conference held in Baghdad before his trip to Jeddah that “Iraq is not and will not be, today or tomorrow, in any military axis or alliance, and the purpose of these meetings are national interests.” .”

“Today we are responding to an invitation received by Iraq to take part in a conference in Jeddah, in which, in addition to the United States, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council, the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and the Arab Republic of Egypt will take part,” he said. said.

Regarding his upcoming meeting with US President Joe Biden, the Prime Minister signaled that he would discuss with the Americans what they agreed on in the strategic agreement and activate agreements in education, culture, health and other areas that reflect on the economic role .

Source: RT + Iraqi News Agency.

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