Al-Ahly’s position regarding participation in Egypt’s clearing match within the framework of the Egypt Cup tournament has been revealed.

Journalist Ahmed Schubert revealed Al Ahli’s position on the Egypt Information Center meeting in the Egyptian Cup after the Football Association refused to comply with the club’s demands in which it threatened to withdraw from the local cup and super competition.

And the Board of Directors of the Egyptian club Al Ahli announced last Thursday that the football team will finish the competition of the current season of the Egyptian League 2022-2023 with young people and players returning from injuries, and also announced that it will not participate in other tournaments organized by Egyptian Football Association (Egypt Cup and Egypt Super). In protest against the arbitration, he demanded the dissolution of the judiciary committee in order to reverse its decisions.

Al-Ahli club in an official statement threatened to withdraw from the local cup and super competition after the decision to cancel the goal in the team’s match against Farko in the Egyptian League, accusing the video referee in the aforementioned match, Mahmoud Ashour, of deliberate goal cancellation using video technology.

In a statement, Al-Ahly demanded the suspension and investigation of referee Mahmoud Ashour and the dismissal of Essam Abdel Fattah, head of the refereeing committee, but the Egyptian Football Association ignored these demands and appointed Ashour as video referee for the Pyramids and Ghazl El Mahalla match to be held today, Tuesday, as part of the Egyptian League competition.

And regarding Al Ahly’s position on Egypt’s cleanup match scheduled for next Sunday in the round of 16 of the Egyptian Cup, Schubert said in radio messages that he spoke to an official at Al Ahly club from among the people decision makers as the latter stressed to him that the Football Association had not responded to Al Ahly’s demands and he meant that the club was sticking to its position by withdrawing from two competitions (the Egyptian Cup and the Egyptian Super Cup).

Schubert explained: “I asked one of the important players and decision makers at Al Ahly club what would you do to take part in the Egyptian Cup? The official told me up to this point that we have not received any response from the Football Association. , we are still in our position, when the matter is officially announced by the panel of judges, we will see what our decision will be.

Source: agencies

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