Al-Ahli from Egypt leads the Saudi contenders. 10 most popular Arab clubs on "social media"

The competition between Arab clubs has moved from the green box to the world of social media, and each club’s fans are proud of their number of followers who want their teams to be at the forefront even in the virtual world.

And, tracking the official accounts of the clubs, without looking at the rest of the sub-accounts issued in other languages, the share of the Egyptian Al-Ahly team took the lead:

1- Al Ahly from Egypt (35.8 million followers):
Leading Egypt and Africa in most Champions League competition wins, which he lifted 10 times besides a single Confederation title, and 8 in the African Super (record), as well as the Africa Vek club title in 2002, is very popular and has 15 million users on Facebook, Instagram 8.6 million, Twitter 9 million, Tik Tok 2.3 million and YouTube. 1.7 million subscribers.

2- Saudi Arabian Crescent (15.6 million followers):
In the centre, runners-up Al Hilal, nicknamed The Leader, is the most decorated Saudi club in the league. Al-Hilal has 900,000 followers on Facebook, 3.5 million on Instagram, and 10.3 million on Twitter (Arab record), 915,000 followers on Tik Tok and 1.6 million on YouTube.

3- Egyptian Zamalek (14.6 million followers):
Thirdly, Zamalek, 13-time Egyptian league champion and traditional rival of Egyptian Al-Ahly, has made it to the list of the most Arab clubs with followers via Social Media: 7 million on Facebook, 1.8 million. on Instagram, 5.1 million on Instagram, Twitter, 129 thousand subscribers on Tik Tok and 597 thousand on YouTube.

4- Moroccan Raja of Casablanca (9.2 million followers):
Raja is one of the strongest Moroccan clubs, won the African Champions League 3 times and became the national champion 12 times, it has 5.6 million followers on Facebook, 2.2 million on Instagram, 615,000 followers on Twitter and 218 on Tik. Talk.Alpha, and YouTube has 479 thousand subscribers.

5- Saudi Federation of Jeddah (6.2 million followers):

Al-Ittihad have won the Saudi Arabian Championship 8 times and the Asian Champions League twice.

Jeddah Union has 168,000 Facebook followers, an undocumented page, 1.3 million Instagram, 4.3 million Twitter, and 394,000 YouTube followers, but does not have a Tik Tok account.

6- Saudi Arabia win (4.47 million followers):
He is one of the poles of Saudi clubs as Al-Nasr has won 9 Saudi league titles.

Al-Nasr has 85,000 followers on Facebook, 725,000 on Instagram, 3.3 million on Twitter, and 365,000 on YouTube, while not having a Tik Tok account. .

7. Wydad Casablanca (3.6 million followers):

Wydad has won the Moroccan League 21 times and the African Champions League 3 times.

Widad Al-Umma has 2.1 million Facebook followers, 1.1 million Instagram followers, 324 thousand Twitter followers, 154 thousand YouTube followers, and does not have a Tik Tok account.

8- Saudi Al Ahli Jeddah (3.18 million followers):

Al Ahli is in eleventh place with 31 points and is one point away from the relegation zone.

Al-Ahly has never been crowned with any continental title, however he has 110k followers on Facebook, 754k on Instagram, 2.1m on Twitter and 216k on YouTube and has No Tik Tok account.

9- Esperance from Tunisia (1.53 million followers):
The Tunisian “sheikh of clubs” has dominated his country’s league for the past five seasons to improve his record by winning 31 titles and also winning the African Champions League 4 times.
He is followed by 1.3 million users on Facebook, 28,100 followers on Twitter and 206,000 followers on YouTube, and he has not created a Tik Tok or Instagram account.

10- Al Ain (1.02 million followers):

Al Ain club Al Zaim are the most decorated club in the UAE league with 14 titles and the only Asian Champions League title in 2001.

Al Ain has 197,000 Facebook followers, 325,000 Instagram followers, 501,000 Twitter followers, and 31,500 Tik Tok followers and has not opened a YouTube channel.


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