Akar: approval of the general principles of the plan "Grain problems"

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar announced the Quartet’s endorsement of the general principles of the “grain question” plan, the details of which are now to be determined.

Earlier, negotiations were held in Istanbul between the military delegations of Russia, Ukraine and Turkey and the UN delegation on the settlement of the “grain issue”, and an agreement was reached on the establishment of a coordination center in Istanbul, where the Turkish Defense Minister said that the meeting of the Russian and Turkish delegations was to be held again in Turkey to discuss the “question of bread”. grains.”

“The plan for the transportation of grain and food products has been approved in general terms, and we continue to make efforts to turn it into a concrete document to start the implementation process,” Akar told reporters.

An informed source told the Russian Novosti agency that the initial agreement on the date of the meeting of the delegations of Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN on the “grain issue” is July 20-21, since there are no major obstacles to signing an agreement on the withdrawal of ships with grain to the Black Sea , but that the technical details of this issue have not yet been resolved, in particular regarding the establishment of a security zone for the inspection of ships near Ukrainian waters, and not in the ports themselves, where the monitoring of ships should be carried out jointly by Turkey and the United Nations.

Source: RIA Novosti

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